Reg Big Head

In West Philadelphia born & raised. The youngest of 6 children to hard working dedicated parents. I am a father to one amazing teenage daughter. I hold 14 world records and 2 world championships in professional motorcycle drag racing. I am an accomplished pilot, holding ratings for single and multi engine aircraft. I’m an adaptive snowboard instructor, amputee advocate and certified peer visitor. I am a public speaker. I routinely travel across the country speaking to high schools, hospitals, rehab centers, STEM educational competitions and church groups. I’m also a bilateral, below-knee amputee.

Please follow me along this incredible journey that I am on. Every day in our lives is a new chapter to learn from and reflect on. I’ve heard it said that life is lived forward but learned backwards. It’s only when we look back and reflect on the trials and tribulations of life that we get to see how truly strong we are. Human beings are capable of some incredible things. I want to record and learn from those things. I hope you will learn with me. My vision is to travel the world, to meet with and tell the stories of people who are living with disabilities and challenges and record the life lessons that they have to share with us. Their successes, their failures. Hopefully after reading these inspirational stories, one will realize that anything is possible and dreams really can come true.

Have questions or wanting to get in touch? Email me at regmotorsports2k7@yahoo.com.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Reggie. I met you at Columbia mall a few months ago. I have vitiligo and you interviewed me. I just wanted to tell you your website is very inspirational. I really enjoyed your narratives and Videos. You are doing very important work. God’s work. Peace and continued blessings to you.


    • Hi Tonya! I remember you. Thanks for the kind words. I’m still working on that piece that you’re in. I hope you’re signed up for updates here on my blog so that you can see it. Keep doing His work yourself Tonya. It’s so important. Blessings to you as well.


  2. Reggie,
    My name is Hud Jackson. I am the head football coach at the university of arkansas at monticello. I need your help. Is there any way we can talk.


  3. Reggie, I watched just the first 20 min the the show and saw you’re a snowboard instructor. I am so impressed and would love to chat with you about that sometime!


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