Table Mountain, Cape Town South Africa!

I recently got a chance to explore the beauty that is Table Mountain. I was in Cape Town South Africa for a business trip and on the last day we decided to hike to the top of this local tourist attraction. Table Mountain is the most iconic landmark in South Africa. It’s flat top peak reaches 3558′ above sea level and is hiked daily by tourists and locals alike.

My flight didn’t depart until 19:30 that evening which gave me plenty of time to go off and casually explore some of the beautiful Cape Town countryside. Our initial plan was to hike up the mountain in the am and have lunch at the top, then ride the cable car back down to the bottom. As with life, sometimes our plans change unexpectedly. On this day the wind was incredibly strong at the top which prevented the cable car from running. We didn’t take this possibility into consideration during our planning stage, so we had no choice but to hike back down after our ascent. There are 5 popular trails that lead to the top of the mountain: Lion’s Head, Pipe Track, Platteklip, Upper Cableway and Skeleton Gorge. We chose Platteklip which is the most direct and also the most vertical. It felt like all we did was continuously go up! Various stones are assembled to form “steps” which are relentless on the legs. At the end of the day I felt like I did 20,000 squats! The mountain is home to a variety of wildlife including snakes (we didn’t see any) lizards, birds and Rock Hyrax or “Dassie” as they are called. Dassies are a small furry diurnal animal that resembles a rabbit but is actually a hoofed mammal related to the elephant. Enjoy these beautiful photos and video of our climb up Table Mountain.


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