Happy Birthday Ms Carolyn!

Ms. Barbara Showers and Ms. Carolyn Smith have been friends since the late 1960’s when they were neighbors on 55th St in West Philadelphia. Each had young children and would take turns babysitting each other’s kids. I was the youngest of Barbara’s 6 kids. Ms. Carolyn had 4- Pam, Willard, Ellen & Harry. Most of us know her son “Will” as one of the most successful entertainers in the world, Will Smith. For our family, It’s been a pleasure watching one of our own “homeboys” exercise his blessings and become a successful positive role model in the lives of people all across the world.


Me, Autumn, Barbara & Carolyn.


In October of 2016, I made plans for my daughter Autumn & I to go to Las Vegas Nevada during the 2017 Martin Luther King Jr holiday weekend. She had never been to Vegas before so I thought it would be a great opportunity for us to sight see, do adventurous stuff and meet up with my best friend Laurie and her family from California. A few weeks after our plans were confirmed I got an email from Ms. Carolyn’s daughter Ellen inviting my mom to Vegas for a party. Coincidentally it was the same weekend that Autumn & I were already going to be in Vegas, so we added mom to our plans.


Autumn & Jaden Smith

On January 14, 2017 Will and his family had a celebration marking a major milestone in their mother’s life, her 80th birthday. The party was held at The Chelsea theater inside The Cosmopolitan hotel. Roughly 70 of Ms. Carolyn’s family and closest friends sat for an amazing dinner followed by a surprise concert by the legendary OJays! Here are just a few images from an amazing celebration for a beautiful woman. Happy birthday Ms. Carolyn.

Will Smith, Jaden Smith & the mighty OJays:

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