Walking Challenge

Hey everybody. I hope you’re all having a blessed day as you read this.
To coincide with the airing of the new National Geographic Channel series “Mygrations” of which I am a cast member, I wanted to start an online social media campaign. A walking challenge. A simple walking challenge.


If you watch the show Mygrations which airs Monday May 23, 9/8c on the National Geographic Channel, you’ll see a human “Herd” of twenty people attempt to walk the migratory path of the African Wildebeests.


This 200 mile journey starts in the Serengeti Plains and ends at the Maasai Mara River. 1.3 million Wildebeest attempt this trek annually. Tens of thousands won’t make it. Some get injured and die off, others are eaten by apex predators that roam the Serengeti. How will we as a human herd do? You’re going to have to tune in and watch the show to see how we made out. One of the positive by-products of all that walking I did was, I lost weight. I lost almost 20 lbs. My blood pressure dropped, I felt better about myself spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally. I fit into clothes that I hadn’t worn since the 1990’s so that was kind of cool to bring those styles back. I wanted to use my experience with all that walking as motivation to get some people moving. Motion is medicine. I have a FitBit step counter and I am vowing to walk 200 miles starting May 23rd which is the first airing of the show until June 27 which is the final show. That’s 35 days and about 5.7 miles per day. I’m not asking you to walk 5 miles per day, but to do what you can. If you can’t walk, roll. To all of my friends in wheel chairs I will be supporting you on select days as I use a wheel chair to get my miles in. If I can do this, there’s no reason why you can’t do this.


I am a double amputee who is missing both legs below the knees. I don’t let my injury stop me from doing anything that I put my mind to. Get up off your butt and get moving. You’re going to feel better about yourself, I guarantee it. I have some sponsors on board who are going to give away some cool prizes to randomly selected individuals who post their daily walking results to my social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) all @reggieshowers. They’re doing this to help keep you motivated. If you don’t have a FitBit, there are applications that you can download to your phone like SportsTracker that will track your progress. You can do this! We can do this because we are a team. The acronym TEAM stands for Together Each Achieves More. I’m here to support you and I hope you join me in this simple and fun challenge. Remember, post your progress daily to my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages so that I can see how you’re doing. We’ll randomly select people to receive some cool swag. Please don’t say that you don’t have the time. We all make time for the things that we want in life. I hope you want to improve the quality of your life as much as I do. Let’s do this! May God bless you all.

12 thoughts on “Walking Challenge

  1. Sounds like a great challenge!! I’ll take it! I am lbka and just last Wednesday was “released” from a walking boot on my right foot. I’m praying hard that the ruptured tendon has healed and now, that the Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome will settle down!! I’ve stayed fairly active, but I am ready to get going again.


  2. So the girls and I were going to start June 1st but nothing in this world would stop me from starting May 23rd! Reggie I have told you before that you make me want to be a better person. I mean that more now than ever! You’re an amazing human and I love you!


  3. Hi Reggie, Great story and you inspired me. I have taken up the challenge! Will report my
    success; have to claim it to do it!:-)


    • Thanks Helaina! So many have joined on Facebook and are currently posting steady progress on my page. You’ll definitely feel better about yourself inside & out after taking the challenge.


  4. Reggie you are an amazing inspiration to me. I’m an ex cage fighter and I did not have half the will power or heart that you have. My grandfather was a double amputee that loved to walk. But after a bout with sugar diabetes and surgery he was confined to a nursing home, and it killed him. So here’s to you for even considering that challenge. You are my new hero!!!


    • Hi Linda! Unfortunately this challenge was completed last year. However, that doesn’t stop you from going out and getting those miles in on your own! I’m currently trying for a mountain climb. Lots of steps… uphill! God luck!


      • Opps! I didn’t read the date. I then challenge myself to pay closer attention to dates of posts and walk 5 miles a day. 🙂 We wish you the best on your mountain climb!


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