In West Philadelphia born and raised. I am the youngest of six children to dedicated, hardworking parents, and I have one amazing teenage daughter of my own. I’m also a bilateral, below-knee amputee. Hard work and faith have led me to become a world champion motorcycle racer, inspirational speaker, accomplished pilot, certified snowboard instructor, and volunteer at community events year-round. The way I see it, every day is a new opportunity to change your story. Learn from your experiences and start a new chapter. With this mindset, I work as an amputee advocate and certified peer visitor.

My vision is to travel the world, meet people living with disabilities or challenges, and share their stories. We can all learn from one another.

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#Cyborgs among us! College Park Industries is a boss!

College Park Industries
Rick Blink shares his success with the Espire Elbow Pro! ✨ Product Engineer, Justine Nestorowich, also outlines the importance of patient input during this process. A new era in motion has begun.

Learn more about the Espire Elbow series: www.college-park.com/upper-limb/espire-elbow

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2 weeks ago

On this day 16 years ago, a group of people from different walks of life, some of whom were black & some of whom were white, put aside any and all differences and joined together to accomplish a monumental achievement: win the biggest most prestigious drag race in the world, the 2003 NHRA Mac Tools US Nationals! They weren’t the most heavily funded team and they didn’t have the quickest or fastest motorcycle. But they all had a tremendous amount of faith. A complete trust and confidence in each other. Their victory was a team effort. It was a perfect example of the incredible things that human beings are capable of when they come together, work together and believe in each other. TEAM= Together Each Achieves More. #Indy #TheBigGo #NHRA #USNationals #ProStockMotorcycle #MacTools College Park Industries ... See MoreSee Less

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That's amazing.. What a race.. It's to people have to point out dif skin colors at all period.. I've never understood why that's a thing at all.. Just the times we live in I guess.. Good for him and his team.. Something to be proud of for sure..Not an easy task at this level of competition that's for damn sure. Well done

What an amazing accomplishment. You’ll be justifiably proud of that moment the rest of your life.

You were/are an amazing believer and overachiever, Reggie. I miss watching you race but know that you’re somewhere inspiring people every day

I was there it was a spectacular moment and well deserved to a true gentleman and mentor.

That was fast, such an inspiration for those who have faith and hard work

A great piece of history, thanks for sharing

Awesome Reggie!

Wow, great memories right there.

Still the champ Reggie! Kudos for mentioning Dave & John, - You made George a Happy Man that Day! Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe you were the first man to win the pro bike dash and the US nationals in his first attempt. Keep your eyes to the sky Brother!

Good memories right there !

Yessss ... and I was there, and that was CQQL ! & thank you for being who you are

Miss you and watching you race!!!

We miss you out there!

We were watching, as always, on satellite TV with stereo speakers blasting back in those days. Who knew we’d one day be friends?

Come back bro! I’m still here! I think you can do it again

Thanks for sharing because watching that interview never gets old.

I remember that I was jumping up and down in my apartment my neighbor came over to see if I was ok lol

Do not let your fear stop you, let your dreams drive you!

and don't forget the leg that kicked butt that day

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TBT: 3 years ago while hiking Table Mountain I met the flight crew of my British Airways flight from Cape Town to London Heathrow. Once we arrived in London they invited me to check out the upper deck of our Boeing 747 or the "Queen Of The Skies". Pretty cool experience. As always, exceptional service from British Airways! #BritishAirways College Park Industries ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago


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That's awesome thank you so much for sharing that

So cool Reggie !! Would love to sit in the cockpit of a 747 !!’

So awesome man!!!

Way to go Reggie, so proud of you! 🤩 👍

That must have been awesome.

So cool, I got to at least take a flight in one a few years back.

Speedbird-Heavy cleared for takeoff.

That was soooo cool Reggie!

Reggie is the man

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Here are some "B role" video clips that I mashed together from my recent trip to Gaza. Driving through the streets of Gaza can be challenging to say the least. No one wears seat belts and people walk in the streets without any fear of getting hit by cars. It was an experience! #Gaza #Palestine #PalestineChildrensReliefFund ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago


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Wow. Beautiful, thanks for sharing!


Your all over the place my man. Keep doing your thing.

You never cease to amaze me.

So cool!!😎

So cool Reg! 😘

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This is what we do. We make a positive difference in the world!

College Park Industries
Our President and COO, Bill Carver, shares College Park's focus on meeting the real-life needs of all types of amputees. When we see people get back to doing what they love, we are motivated to design and create more unique products.

To learn about our latest technology, please visit www.college-park.com.

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